PB and J

PB&J (an acronym for Pepper, Bulges & Jelly) is a mercenary group operating within most of the northern region of the Big-Ass Continent in Gamma Terra.

It was originally founded by Sgt. Salt N. Pepper and his colleagues Bobsquat Bulges and Bubbles Jelly after the Fakelands Conflict to keep providing for their families (Sgt. Pepper in particular was very worried about this, since he had a wife and 417 children to feed back at home).

Known for their expedience and professionalism, PB&J was one of the preferred “problem solvers” for many small governments and communities far and wide the Big-Ass Continent.

However, this Golden Age ended with the sudden death of Sgt. Pepper, who was killed in the field of battle by a giant home-brewed battle droid who stomped him to death for a period of three continued days. In his will, Sgt. Pepper specifically left his 40% share of PB&J to his 150 older children. In the end, it would be his son “Red Hot” Chili Pepper who ended up in control of his father’s share of the operation. In honor of their friend’s memory, both Bulges and Jelly tried to work under the very inexperienced and still very immature young Pepper. However, it became quickly and painfully obvious to both of them that the crabapple had fallen quite far from the three, and they both resigned and retired to the countryside, where they live together and have adopted a baby Yexil called Ygor.

Meanwhile, young Red Hot hired both field analyst and strategist Edgardo Gallito and general malcontent Thelonius Airjet Puff to fill in the ranks of is group. He decided the group should remain PB&J first and foremost in order to take advantage of the previous group’s good will and reputation, and also because PP&G sounded ridiculous.

While not as successful as his father’s operation was, Chili Pepper’s PB&J does remain a profitable venture for it’s core members to this day.

PB and J

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