“Gung-Ho”, also called by some “The Gung-Ho Three” and “The Gung-Ho Two” is a small mercenary group formed by Diego Matalascallando, Grizzlesworth J. Bear and JR., known to operate all over the Big-Ass Continent.

The circumstances under which the three of them met and became a group are still only known by them and seems to be a tale they do not enjoy sharing.

The group’s contracts provides them with a way to make a living, as well as having the unfortunate secondary effect of pretty much always getting them in trouble, a reputation that follows the Gung-Ho everywhere they go.

Many bounties have been placed for their arrest and/or execution over the years, with most of them being witheld due to mercenaries and bounty hunters wanting nothing to do with the trio, while others still stand and have even grown larger with time.


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