Mr. Puff

"Can I eat her now?? No?? ...How about now??"


Thelonius Airjet Puff, who prefers to go by Mr. Puff even though it hasn’t been thoroughly established whether or not Puff is actually a male (it describes it’s gender as “Squishy”), is either a living case of spontaneous generation or the result of years and years of evolution and mutation, as it is a semi-living, semi-breathing marshmallow being.

Full of child-like curiosity, as well as a voracious appetite for nearly anything and everything, Puff wondered the barren wastelands of Gamma Terra for years before finally being able to find its niche within the mercenary operation known as PB&J, under the leadership of “Red Hot” Chili Pepper, who’s secretly waiting for the right opportunity to roast it and eat it.

Its hobbies include biting people, biting things, absorbing people, absorbing things and fraternizing with other “squishy” entities. It has recently developed a taste for leather clothing, and now wears a pair of tight leather pants.

Mr. Puff

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