“Red Hot” Chili Pepper

"My father was too soft for this Murder-for-Hire lifestyle..."


The 74th oldest son of renown war veteran and mercenary Sgt. Salt N. Pepper, Chili grew up under the influence of his father for a very short span of time before he was dragged into the Fakelands Conflict, which would be the last time he or any of his siblings would ever see him alive. He went on to grow up under the care of his mother, White Pepper, and his older siblings.

After his father’s untimely death, he and 149 of his brothers and sisters inherited his 40% share of the PB&J mercenary operation. After a lot of negotiation, cheating and stealing, Chili (now calling himself “Red Hot”) became the sole owner of his father’s share, promising to his mother and younger siblings he would continue supporting them financially.

They haven’t seen a single penny ever since, with most of his sisters falling into prostitution and customer support service in New Sodoma.

Red Hot is a shrewd businessman (the only side of his business he dedicates any thinking whatsoever), while on the battlefront he’s an impulsive and careless leader and fighter, burning away hordes of enemies as they come.

His favorite weapon, asides from his pyrokinetic abilities, is his ice axe.

“Red Hot” Chili Pepper

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