Mr. Human

"My human feelings are hurt by your suggesting I may not be made of actual flesh and blood. Wounded even."


Mr. Human is the party’s current employer, a seemingly wealthy android who believes himself human and goes to incredible, some would even say ridiculous, lengths to prove his humanity to everyone who may show doubt of it.

He also shows a lot of interest in his public appearance, as he owns an office equipped with a desk and comfy chairs from which he manages his business (whatever it may be) and even had a personal assistant who was recently fired due to rumors about him insulting Mr. Human behind his back.

He has hired the party to trace and capture a trio of adventurers composed of Diego, Grizzly and JR for reasons know only to him. He has promised them five full crates of fresh supplies for their safe return to him.

Although his movements are slow and mechanic and his voice is monotone and robotic, some have been able to sense genuine human anger and emotion coming out from Mr. Human.

Mr. Human

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