Marcelita María de la Soledad y el Socorro


Marcelita Mercedez María Gonzáles de la Soledad y el Socorro is the youngest of 7 sisters and 11 brothers who all share the infamous Capitán Rufo de Monkey González, one of the Seven Commanders of Emperor Napoleon III’s Bonapartist Army, as their father. Raised on the Northern Big-Ass Continent, far away from Rufo’s homeland of Zapata located in the Southern Big-Ass Continent, Marcelita inherited his father’s short attention span and simple-mindedness, as well as her arachnoid mother’s web-spinning butt.

After her mother passed away, Marcelita decides to go on and have adventures just like the ones she’s heard about her father. Through a pretty extensive and rather retarded series of mistakes and bumblings upon, she ends up about 3 Km away from her old house in a dusty shanty town. It is here where she is recluted alongside transformable robot Lincoln Mercury Ford into the mercenary outfit known as PB&J. Most, including her own employer and comrades, are still unsure as to why she was hired. It seems Marcelita may have also inherited her father’s almost magical charisma.

She is without a doubt a feminine girly girl all the way. She enjoys wearing little pink dresses (though she also wears other colors) as well as other girly fashions and activities. She is, however, still quite capable of brutality in it’s most blood curdling level and must never be taken lightly.

Unless shiny objects are at hand.

Marcelita María de la Soledad y el Socorro

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