Lincoln Mercury Ford

"You could say I'm more than meets the eye... But not really. What you see is what you get".


The result of a one night stand between a Nissan Sentra and a 1971 Dodge Charger, Lincoln is a sentient robot who is capable of transforming into one of the Ancient’s motor vehicles. He knows there are more like him out there, but for the most part, Lincoln just enjoys riding through the deserted highways of Gamma Terra as a lone wolf free of attachments.

He’s recently started traveling along with mercenary group PB and J as one of it’s members, hoping to make a living that still allows him the freedom to travel he enjoys so much.

A true man of action, Lincoln is not one to give much thought to any matter, as he possesses a wild and untamed spirit that constantly drives him into the heart of danger. He is both a reckless and fast driver as well as a trigger-happy shooter.

Lincoln Mercury Ford

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