"Do you ever take that thing out of your nose?? Is it stuck there??? "


A severely mentally handicapped giant and the third, some believe unwilling, member of Grizzly and Diego’s mercenary outfit. Though it’s nearly impossible to try and guess what goes on inside his head, it is mostly believed he thinks of his teammates as cherished friends and loves them deeply.

Either that or he thinks they’re pretty, pretty ponies.

While ample evidence exist of his lack of intelligence (like the fact he used a living monkey as a melee weapon, his enjoyment of being used as a guinea pig for all sorts of situations by his peers, his habit of sticking his thumbs and all sorts of objects up his nose, and many, many others), some would still argue that he’s the smartest member of the group.

It is a hard argument to defend, yet not impossible given the circumstances.

Still, his extraordinary physical strength and resilience, as well as his sunny disposition in taking all kinds of stupid and dangerous orders makes him a valued member of the group.


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