Grizzlesworth J. Bear

"I'm with Stupid"


Born Grizzlesworth J. Bear, but most commonly known as just Grizzly, is a quiet mutated bear who with the help of a three footed freak and a dumb giant runs a ragtag group of mercenaries for hire.

His calm and stoic demeanor fools people into believing he’s a serious person, which is actually not true at all, as he shows to be just as mean spirited, irresponsible and petty as his partner in crime, Diego.

While he shows some sympathy to the Bonapartists’ cause, he’s not at all interested in risking his life to help them on their mission, stating that both human mutants and animal mutants are equal in their stupidity.

His weapon of choice is his favorite steel folding chair.


Grizzlesworth J. Bear

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