Edgardo Gallito

"Fuck this. I'm flying outta here"


The only son of a Portuguese felinoid and his hawkoid mistress, Edgardo was quickly sold to a group of travelling salesmen as his mother had no other way of raising him and also to pay for liposuction to get rid of her baby weight. The only thing his parents ever gave him was his name, and he still resents them for this.

Edgardo grew up traveling from hell hole to hell hole selling various junk and educating himself with the books the salesmen carried. From science treaties and papers by renown physicist Ivankov Ratonovitch, to military strategy and warfare theory by General Tsao Chicken and Moo Shu Porker.

Armed with this knowledge, Edgardo left the traveling salesmen and joined a small vigilante troupe working in a small town in order to gain the necessary experience to make the best of his studies. In just a year, he decided he had accomplished his goal (not really, but his co-workers still refused to make him the leader and he was getting tired of it) and went on to traveling along the Big-Ass Continent, looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.

It was then that he met young up and comer Chili “Red Hot” Pepper, who hired him to be part of his renewed PB&J group.

His specialty (or so he says) is quick thinking and improvising under stress (mostly due to ample experience from plans failing and backfiring on him). He’s rather serious and reserved at all times, trying to present a more professional attitude toward his job than his boss and co-worker.

Edgardo Gallito

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