Once Upon a Time in Gamma Terra

Robots need loving too!!

"Quick, put him on the table. He's getting deader by the second. CLEAR!"

After following he trail of destruction the exploding robot left, our party found the small settlement of Neck of the Woods (home of the world renowned Ape Cemetery). Though heavily guarded, our heroes were able to get a way in, as well as an audience with Mayor Antlers Lemire (though some of them were not entirely sure he actually was the Mayor).

Bargaining their stay in exchange for some gasoline and a day’s labor, they discover the town has long been under siege by the daily arrival of a malfunctioning robot. The dead and the wounded abound, and the citizens are even starting to get used to the carnage. They also discover, in a very painful manner, that the group they’ve been looking for passed through Neck of the Woods some weeks ago, promising to help them get rid of the robots, charging in advance for their services and seemingly disappearing without solving the issue.

The group decides to take over the job of stopping the robots while also following after their previous prey, as two bounties are way better than one. A day’s worth of traveling and a small skirmish with another malfunctioning bot later, and the party is now standing at the doors of an abandoned stronghold…



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