Once Upon a Time in Gamma Terra

Don't be fooled. It is NOT a dolphin.


After discovering evidence that the Brubba Brothers/Cousins/Father & Son Duo were also following the trail of their current prey, PB and J realizes they need to stick together as close as possible. They also realize they may need more fire power than they currently own, so Mr. Puff decides this is the perfect time to embark on a quest for new members. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew just settles for hiring the identity-conflicted transformable robot Lincoln Mercury Ford and the dimwitted spiderweb-flinging monkey Marcelita to round up their crew (as well as for potential cannon fodder).

They almost immediately prove themselves to the team by helping them beat a ferocious Land Shark, securing food and fire fuel for that night. For now, the group rests, unaware of the danger that approaches into the night…



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